A mission that surpasses us
How to announce to the good teacher when one discovers his weakness, and has to ask daily forgiveness for his own sins?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L. | Source:

When we think of the wonderful mission of bringing the Gospel to all people, there comes a feeling of a certain surprise, perhaps even of fear. Is it not something that surpasses us enormously?


Just look at some environments of our time to feel that the Apostolic Mission surpasses us. Sometimes we feel small in front of those who control the culture, the images, the "informative" media, the social networks, the ideas that children, young people and adults receive.


Yet the voice of Christ is still in our hearts. It tells us not to fear, that he is with us until the end of time, that we proclaim and baptize in his name. 

But... what to do when the doors are still closed, when a certain hostility rejects the messenger? Above all, how to announce the good teacher when one discovers his weakness, and has to ask daily forgiveness for his own sins?


Despite these and other obstacles, the gospel is such a wonderful treasure that it is worthwhile to throw the nets over and over again in the hope that God will do the rest (the only important thing): touching the hearts so that they can discover a message of mercy.


Because that is the mission of the Church since its inception: announcing the gift of redemption in Christ, revealing the great mystery, "hidden from centuries and generations, and now manifested to his saints, whom God wanted to make known what is the richness of the glory of this mist Erio among the Gentiles, who is Christ among you, the hope of Glory "(Col 1.26 27).


From trust in Christ, with the certainty of the beauty and joy of the Gospel (cf. "Redemptoris Missio" by John Paul II and "Evangelii Gaudium" of Pope Francis), each baptized can become a witness, especially with his life, and also with his words.



We can no longer be paralyzed by the fear of failure or pusillanimity when we find our smallness. The Unstoppable light of Christ's message has to shine high in the mountains, inside the skyscrapers, in the humblest shacks, in the heart of the most abandoned.


It is a mission that surpasses us, but which we carry forward full of hope and love to those who need to receive the gospel. It is a mission that we assume with joy because we have the look placed in Christ, who initiated in us the good work, and that will take it to its fullness (cf. FLP 1.6).


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