The world shudders, praying really works?
Can we do something praying?

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For most people of Christian goodwill, praying is a part of life, asking for everything to the Lord: a good day, health, work, family union, the peace of the dead, and many more things. 

Yes, we do believe in the power of prayer. Most of the time we do not see the effect of praying, but we trust that the Lord responds as it is best for us. We can ask him to win the lottery and not to have monetary problems again, but instead of the grand Prix, economic problems are gradually solved. Yes, something's going on. 

Every time we pray for the soul of the newly deceased, for example, we do so with fervor and trust, a lot of confidence that something we do not see is happening, that the soul object of prayer reaches the peace requested. We don't have to see it, but we trust: "Ask and you will be given". 

Many times, however, we pray and ask for something that is important to us and it seems that nothing happens. We do not understand how the "divine Mind" operates, but we continue to trust. We want the serious patient to be relieved and it happens backwards: he dies suddenly. What do we have left? That the Lord gave him the best for him, that it was time to pass to life in the promised heaven. 

Do we stop believing in prayer? No, we will pray again, by habit, good habit and by particular intentions. Sometimes we ask for absurd things by inconsequential for our souls, as our sports team wins a game and the championship. But those requests are not true prayers, rather good desires involving God on our side, when the opposite side does exactly the same. 

But let's take the matter of praying to other, more delicate and difficult terrain. Let us go to the worlds of wars, persecutions, of God's enemy leaderships, which provoke great harm, for example defending abortion, that murder of the most helpless, and making legal progress against life. 

Most serious are the large-scale damage of genocidal, dictatorial, and ruthless military, for example. Many people die violently, lose their property and their homes, their rights and lives of their close beings. Before totally dehumanized minds, can we do something praying? 

The enemies of God, of Christianity, who fight him fiercely by all means at his disposal, from assaulting the believers, to getting the approval of laws and political provisions that bring God out of daily life: from the schools, from the Offices, the public thoroughfare and even the homes themselves. 

Everything that is religious infuriates them and tries to destroy it. They understand by secular education one that is atheistic and antireligious; they understand by freedom to believe "respect" to opinions and actions against religions, especially Christians, while considering the Christian as offensive to non-believers. Unacceptable! 

Before minds so closed, so fanatical, so full of hate, can our prayer something? Yes, really, that's why we suddenly see that inexplicably, these people begin to give something in their inhuman and anti-Christian actions. Threats of impending war suddenly soften and peace agreements are made. Something happens, and that something is the answer to "ask and it will be given".

What really happens, in response our prayers is that the Lord moves hearts, even if they don't even realize what moves them to change their attitude. We do not necessarily see great conversions of an enemy of God to God's servant, but they do change of attitude and action. 

We must firmly believe that if in our small circles, we ask the Lord for things and in one way or another give them to us, visible and invisibly, also prayer is effective for great human problems beyond our reach. 

If we come across a hungry person, we can take out a bread or a coin to help, but if there is a famine in a faraway country, which requires millions of dollars, we help praying to the Lord, so that those who have the economic means are moved and help the Need. The great human disasters, such as those caused by earthquakes and cyclones, move people to help, but when we pray, more people and especially more governments and international agencies, more powerful of money, all increase aid. 

The secret is these cases, alien or not to us, to whom nothing can make change the course of events, is that the Lord God moves hearts. That is, yes, the secret of praying. When that prayer is made by hundreds, by thousands, and even by millions of believers, the Lord moves hearts even if they don't even know why they change their minds, and they start acting differently. 

Prayer has been heard and the Lord acts in his own way and the world sees how some of his great problems are reduced. We ask and it is given to us, in little and in much. In the face of great acts of malice, prayer works.

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