The reasons why the big media protect Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry
The reason lies in the diversity of links between this organization and the major media corporations’ incidents in the USA, Europe and Latin America.

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Summoning the public trial, the arguments that this week encloses the American magazine Crisis Magazine reveal the links of Planned Parenthood with companies that know well the benefit that reports deforming at their discretion the information and modeling the beliefs of the majorities.
Many lament these days the scant or twisted diffusion, in the main media, of the videos that expose the macabre business of abortion led by Planned Parenthood. The reason lies in the diversity of links between this organization and the major media corporations incidents in the USA, Europe and Latin America.
Some media and other companies were so brazen in their support for Planned Parenthood that they had no objection to appearing on the list of donors who published the organization's local portals. Among them are the media grouped in "Gannet", where newspapers like USA today and several dozens of other important newspapers in the USA stand out. Group of companies that partially controls other media in Europe and Latin America.
This information was available on the Internet, at least until the appearance of the first video that denounces Planned Parenthood for the trafficking of organs taken from the babies that she aborts. Then, Coca-Cola, Xerox and Ford Motor Company requested that their names be removed from the donor list. Then Planned Parenthood reported that due to a computer attack (never shown), its website was under maintenance. Then executives of those companies refused to be collaborators of Planned Parenthood.
Intrinsically Perverse acts

Until 2014, the San Jose Mercury News and Yahoo, with its popular Yahoo News site, were donors to the Northern California headquarters of Planned Parenthood (P.P.). Discover the Networks, a website managed by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, denounces that the New York Times Company Foundation is also a donor of P.P. This foundation coordinates the philanthropy of the influential Boston Globe and The New York Times.
On another edge of the "business" while there is no evidence that Jeffrey Preston Bezos, the new owner of the Washington Post newspaper is a donor; the clients of your site can directly support you from an abortion clinic, with a portion of your Shopping, through the Amazon Smile program. Not only that, customers can also buy "emergency contraception", a pill known as Plan B, that can induce an abortion after conception, directly from the site.
All this perhaps explains why the Washington Post altered the original title of the first video that denounces Planned Parenthood, where it said "organ removal" by the false phrase: "Fetal organs used for research", as complaint.
A control network.

Beyond these overt acts of support, there is a network of personal, commercial and charitable foundations, between Planned Parenthood and an impressive number of the most important media, including the four main USA television stations, which also control Tv in other countries.
The Ford Foundation that has been the biggest defender of abortion rights and Planned Parenthood for decades Should not be left out of this network. The details of your financial support are so extensive that it is worth mentioning a random example: 2.5 million of American dollars granted to Planned Parenthood in 2013, according to the Ford tax return. In fact, whoever sits on the board of the Ford Foundation is, among others, no less than Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards. Historically the Ford Foundation has established its impact in Latin America and has made a great effort to get involved in the U.S. media in recent years, even delivering grants to the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post in 2012 as part of what he called "an investment in quality journalism".
Another organization with a long history of supporting Planned Parenthood is the Rockefeller Foundation. Strategic staff of this entity is present in the boards or as executives in the main American media organizations ... Judith Rodin, president of the Foundation, is a board member of the Comcast Corporation, owner of NBC. Mónica Lozana is on the Board of Directors of Disney, which owns ABC, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Ellen Taus who is financial director and member of the Board of Tribune Publishing, owner of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel and Hartford Courant. Taus is also treasurer and financial director of the Rockefeller Foundation.

But even current officials of Planned Parenthood, as reported by Crisis Magazine, participate in the management teams of the companies that own the main U.S. media outlets. In parallel companies such as Fox News, ABC and NBC work directly with Planned Parenthood on content for hispanic youth, as reported by American Life League.


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