The great gift of will
he fullness of the Will is in love, which binds us to God and puts us at the service of the Brethren.

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Every human being chooses his way. The options write their story and come to life of those who live near or far. 

To choose is possible thanks to the great gift of the will. A will that is sometimes weakened by passions and sins. A will that can be cured by the love of God.


From the well-oriented will, we are able to choose the good, to defend the justice, to ask forgiveness and to forgive, to demolish walls and to build bridges. 

Instead, a slave will of passions and blinded by false ideas leads to injustice, anger, selfishness, the damage that stains red so many pages of human history.


For this reason it is urgent to have a formation in which the will is enlightened by the truth, learn to put aside dishonest passions, fortifies in the realization of the good.

Sin, alas, hurts the will, precisely because every sin comes from free and responsible choices. 

But sin cannot destroy that magnificent gift of will: After the fall, it is possible to open up to God, to recognize one's guilt and to take a decisive step toward repentance.


Saint Catherine of Siena, in his "dialogue", explains that the sinner still lives the free will, and therefore suffices to implore God's favor to achieve it. 

Besides, the Saint explained, the believer must not fear the demon, for God has strengthened us from the blood of his son.


The fullness of the Will is in love, which binds us to God and puts us at the service of the Brethren. Then it is possible to reach the heroic gesture of a total surrender, like that of Christ: "No one has greater love than that which gives his life for his friends" (Jn 15.13).


The magnificent gift of the will becomes, thus, a key received from God that allows us to advance, every day, to the House of the Father, in which only those who, freely, know how to accept mercy and live from Love and love.


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