Rental bellies
A new way of exploiting women and trafficking in people that turns children into commercial products.

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The rent maternity assumes, in all light, exploitation and objectification of human beings.

The child becomes a market product that is charged, bought and sold, and is even returned or changed if it does not satisfy the customer. And the woman who rents her body converted into a mere container, a "gestational oven". Everything that has to do with a myriad of forms of exploitation, pressure, commercialization and trafficking of human beings that is especially focused on women in the countries, or less, than, in addition, children, who have to do with subrogation of their dignity and of the victims of unjust situations and the violation of the most basic human rights.

The rent maternity, better known as surrogacy or gestation by substitution, does not constitute any progress or social advancement. On the contrary, it is but a new form of exploitation of women and trafficking of people that turns children into commercial products. It assumes, therefore, a flagrant violation of the dignity of both the mother and the child.

It is intended to present to the surrogacy, surrogacy, as a form of assisted reproduction, as an altruistic treatment to alleviate infertility and help couples who cannot have children giving them the opportunity to perform the dream of parenting.


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