Decay and Resurgence
A very human dynamism…

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

The Word decadence serves to point out that in a temporary process it is passed from a better situation to a worse situation. 

Its use is very varied. It is Almost a topic to talk about the decay of an Empire or a civilization. Maybe less common, but not strange, to talk about the decline in the life of a marriage or a friendship.

For its part, the word resurgence can be used to describe a process that allows returning to a previous situation considered as good or positive. 

For example, we talk about the resurgence (or revival, or regeneration) of culture, art, democracy, and other human situations. 

If the terms decay and resurgence can be defined with more or less precision, it is more difficult to apply them to specific cases.

Is it right, say one, to talk about the decline of the Middle Ages, when in reality perhaps there was a resurgence of values from the past? 

Or would it be accurate to describe the current political situation of some democratic States as decadence, when perhaps we are faced with a change that will cause serious improvements?

Beyond these difficulties, we discover in human dynamism these two possibilities: to lose good and important things and to recover situations and positive aspects of the past that deserve to be rescued. 

In the background, to talk about declines, resurgences, setbacks, and progress, implies recognizing that in the existence of people and groups there are changes to worse or better.

This is something inherent in our condition of free beings, open to many options, some that are harmful to the passing of time, and other beneficial and healthy.

In the current process of history, are we faced with a decline or a resurgence? It will not be easy to answer, but we can at least seriously analyze whether our ideas and decisions are mature enough to move away from evil and to promote that good that we crave in the innermost part of our hearts.

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