Each step shortens the distances.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Walk. It's time to leave home and jump into the conquest of a desired goal.

Each step shortens the distance. Tiredness comes along.

Despite everything, the desire to reach that goal we long for, is still alive.

We will find along the way a sincere friend, an endearing landscape, a family member in need, or just a place full of memories.

Time passes. The road follows before our eyes. The warmth of the sun if felt and the coolness of the wind.

A little water, some fruit, and maybe some cookies to charge our batteries.

When the goal becomes visible, the heart feels a joyful palpitation and we get the feeling that we'll soon be there.

If the physical walk produce so many joys, what will the road of the soul towards heaven be like?

The path of the spirit is full of surprises, aridity, hopes, doubts, and comforts.

Life doesn't stop and every decision is a new step towards the eternal goal.

I look up and see a horizon that doesn't end, beyond time and space where God waits for me. That is why it’s worth every step I approach His Father's embrace and join so many children of the same heavenly Father.

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