Credulity and disbelief
The love of justice allows receiving any indication of truth.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

They Don't believe what the president of a country says, but they do what the Antisystem newspapers say. 

Do Not believe in the official information of the company but in which they offer the unions. 

Do Not believe what the Catholic Church teaches but in the horoscopes and the latest recommendations of a medium.

They Do Not believe in the word of their blood brother but in what states a friend more sympathetic (and sometimes Not advisable). 

The cast could be much longer. In the world and millions of human beings coexist credulity and disbelief.

Why is this happening? Everyone can say why they believe in these books and not others, but often the preferences arise from sympathies and antipathies. 

Because of them, some despise systematically everything that says the newspaper X while they continue on foot Juntillas what the newspaper says And. 

Beyond those sympathies or antipathies, the love of justice allows any indication of truth to be welcomed, whether Bliss by whoever is said.

Even sometimes those who in the past were discovered in their lies today can honestly expose nothing despicable. 

Truth is even if it says Agamemnon or even if it says a cause, as evokes a saying that revolves with various formulations.

What is the same as saying that overcoming antipathies will help to live with minds without prejudice, to discard lies of "friends" and to accept truths of "enemies". 

to Think like this will do us good, beyond credulity and unfounded disbelief, because we will be more open to the truth and be able to understand a little better the complex world in which we live.

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