Contemporary Idolatry
At present, idolatry manifests itself in different forms, technology, intellectualism, and science

You will not have other gods besides me. You shall not make a statue or any image of what is above, in heaven, below, on earth, and in the waters under the earth. Do not deserve before these gods, nor serve them, because I, Yahweh, your God, I am a jealous God. (Exodus 20: 3-5)

From the beginning of his communication with man, God manifested his entirety, as well as the desire to be the only one worthy of worship on the part of his creatures, especially his people -that is, the people he chose from among the nations- as well as his descendants, or of the coheirs of grace through Jesus Christ.

Different from the Jewish people, the other nations in antiquity worshiped various gods, statues made by themselves, and ignored the existence of Yahweh. The same Jewish people constantly moved away from their God to pursue other practices, or other gods, which provoked the wrath of the God of armies.

Idolatry is a human tendency. The human being has always made false gods to worship and prostrate before them, without giving themselves to the task of meeting the one true God, creator of all that exists. We all know that, for example, in ancient times, the Romans had hundreds of gods, as well as the Greeks and many other races or peoples.

At present, idolatry manifests itself in different forms, but everything remains the manifestation of excessive love for something that occupies a more important place than God in our life. For example money, technology, drugs (both banned and socially accepted), food, profession, work, partner, knowledge, etc.

The advances in the development of science and human life, in general, have made that the intellectualism has been exacerbated, until the limit of not recognizing the existence of a creator. Individualism, humanism (where everything is centered on man), and intellectualism are powerful idols in contemporary times to which, on many occasions even without being aware, thousands of people surrender their lives, their devotion, and their efforts.

In general, many people deeply believe that human intelligence is the greatest power on earth and that there is no higher power. Scientists, doctors, literati, musicians, professors, and all those people who study a lot and get postgraduate degrees, enjoy a great reputation in society. They are considered admirable individuals, and they are recognized even without taking into account their moral quality, personal life or social behavior.

The adoration of the ideas, the creativity, the genius, the knowledge, the intelligence is a reality of contemporary life. Not many cultures today worship stones or statues, but in mass form, in large cities, idolatry is towards technology, intellectualism, and science.

In any case, the same idolatry is a posture far from the will of God, who expects from us true worship: "Listen, Israel: Yahweh, our God, is Yahweh-unique. And thou shalt love Yahweh, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy strength. (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) There is nothing on earth that can replace the fullness of God's love. "In the heart of every man, there is a void that has the form of God. This void cannot be filled by anything created. It can be filled only by God, made known by Christ Jesus", according to Blaise Pascal.

Idolatry is the futile attempt to fill that emptiness. It is also the tendency to satisfy our desires, forgetting God. Only the love of Jesus in our hearts and bestowing upon him the throne of our life as Lord and Savior will give us the fullness and peace we seek. It is in his presence that we find the true reason for our worship.

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