Benefits and Prejudices
Life is full of mysterious blows, where what seemed a benefit becomes a detriment

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

What looks like again can become damage. And what seems like a loss can lead to a benefit. 

Somebody wins the lottery. His life is turning. Looks like everything's going to be on wheels. Months go by, and there is sadness, tensions, struggles with family and friends. 

Another person loses flight. He feels angry about the traffic, the technical problems at the airport, the bad attention received. A few hours later, the news: that plane has crashed and no one has survived.

Life is full of mysterious blows, where what seemed like a benefit becomes a detriment, and what seemed damaging leads to a curious improvement. 

had already intuited Aristotle in his famous work "Ethics Nicomachean", observing how some had been ruined precisely for having achieved something that seemed very beneficial.

So how do you know if the benefits are, and the damages, in the end, were not so damaging? Only the passage of time fully reveals the results of so many situations that at first glance seemed positive or negative. 

Human life is surrounded by a thousand factors that generate unpredictability and mystery. It is true that many things happen according to our plans and leads to achievements that seem good to us.

But even in the most linear and safe, surprises occur. Because for the person who enjoyed such good health thanks to the diet, an excess in the sport caused serious damage to the joints... 

Above human indeterminacies and unforeseen changes, a little realism and a lot of trust in God allows us to continue on the road, as we face each issue with the desire to do good possible at all times.

What happens then, the immediate and definitive results, remain in the hands of God, who is a good father. With his love, we will be able to discover that what seemed to us something bad in the end led to a magnificent result, if we learned from that situation to be more humble, more merciful and more full of authentic charity.

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