Authorities afraid of ordering
In the face of rulers in fear of ordering, a decisive complaint and a firm effort on the part of justice-loving men and women are needed.

Corruption of those in public office is much criticized. There is less criticism of the lack of value in those who have government responsibilities or participate more directly in decisions that affect others.

Because assuming a position of responsibility (mayor, Governor, military, parliamentarian, judge) implies to have clear its meaning: to promote justice, to defend the essential rights of the people, to guarantee the basic principles of coexistence, to pursue Offenders, assist victims of injustices or accidents of various kinds.

Therefore, corruption may be less serious than the fear of governing. Because of the corrupt damages conscience and causes damages that are sometimes not harmful. On the other hand, what allows the triumph of illegality, of disorder, of social confrontations, of street struggles, of a lack of solidarity, of selfish independentism, of aggressive fundamentalisms, has damaged in its insides the life of the State and the societies.

In the face of rulers with fear of command, a decisive complaint and a firm effort by justice-loving men and women are needed to make those rulers rectify or dismissed as soon as possible.

These allegations are also valid for rulers, legislators, and judges who approve or permit laws with which the innocent are harmed, abortion is allowed, usury is left unpunished (sometimes under the guise of "loans" at risk), public systems are promoted that They hurt workers and entrepreneurs engaged in the pursuit of the common good.

The world succumbs to so many authorities with fear of rule. On the other hand, the world regenerates itself with good rulers, with courageous politicians, with parliamentarians who do not think of ideologies or votes, but injustice and the promotion of solidarity and healthy cultures, because they seriously assume the principles of true ethics Public.

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