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Work tires us, overwhelms us, and are we better if we are missing it?

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The plot of the movie I saw yesterday, made me think. There was a global blackout, there was no electricity and it was impossible to restore electricity. The phones and the airplanes did not work and the candles and carriages returned.


In another time, I read a book that told the story of a man who suddenly goes blind. His blindness is contagious and spreads. The factories did not work, nor the cars because nobody saw to use what they had within their reach.


Beyond images or words, I thought that this fiction, if it became a reality, would be terrible. It would completely change our life. It is true that we do not appreciate what we have until we lose it.


We complain about the responsibility of having children, about the difficulties we have to overcome in order to educate them. Moreover, when we see them grow healthy, reach their desires and have their own children? It's rewarding, there is nothing like it.


Work tires us, overwhelms us, and are we better if we are missing it?


Life as a couple, living together, is sometimes complicated. It is also comforting to have someone by your side, share experiences, and be with someone.


We have become accustomed to having everything, comfort and having more than necessary. Let us educate our children in the effort, in the constancy. We can teach them to be resilient, that is, to recover from adversity, developing and experiencing resources that they did not know, that were latent and that would allow them to achieve their objectives. We already know that the best teacher is the example. We will hardly teach you to overcome your frustrations if we do not.


If we have patience, everything will be easier. Learning to wait is indispensable. Immediacy accustoms us to being impatient. Bamboo takes a long time to grow because it takes a long time to strengthen its roots, and so when it grows, it reaches many meters.


There are people who have a problem for each solution. They will not do well in life. Let us thank God for everything we have that is a lot.


We have health, food, a home, people who love us. We are privileged.


Jesus told us: "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find" Let us do what He tells us, but do not forget to thank Him for all that we have.


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