Volunteering: Purity, chastity and virginity
We want to invite you to join a Volunteer in favor of Purity, Chastity and Virginity in the world.

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We want to offer a space where you can find help to live your sexuality and your spirituality according to evangelical demands, according to the truth. As our Lord Jesus Christ says, "Truth will set you free." On our page you will find a volunteer proposal, as well as a forum where you can discuss the topics that interest you most about chastity, in view of living every day more committed to true love. You can also find books, articles and more on the same subject.

What do we invite you to?

We want to invite you to join a Volunteer in favor of "Purity, Chastity and Virginity" in the world.

The project consists of: commit ourselves to pray in front of a tabernacle (schedules are at the volunteer's choice) asking for the purity of young people and all souls and for there to be more vocations to virginity, as well as for marriages, especially those who suffer from a crisis.

How does volunteering work?
Whoever wants to participate will write to the person in charge of the apostolate, specifying how many days a week he will visit a tabernacle and how long he will remain before Jesus Sacramented, asking for the intentions of the project.

This volunteer will be assigned persons for which he must pray or places through which he must ask for purity to reinstate (the names of the persons will be pseudonyms).

Periodically the coordinator will send a letter in order to maintain the fervor of the volunteers.

Undoubtedly this project will bear many fruits. These fruits may not be seen in this life, but we should encourage ourselves to continue the mission of fathering children for heaven with our voluntary prayers. It is only in heaven that we will see all those people who have helped with our prayers.

We also invite “freely”, without commitments, to each volunteer to invite another person to join the project. Hoping to have your desire to help the brothers, we invite you to follow the Lord happy in this beautiful way of being "Good Samaritans" and "Cyrene" of our brothers.

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