Let the cry of peace be heard in all peoples!

The longing for peace is, and always will be, a mood in the heart of man. And in our days it becomes more acute, given the war events around the world, but especially in the Middle East. From our trench, we could only contemplate images in the media and lament the tragedies we see there. Faced with this situation, Christians can not be indifferent; we must question ourselves and put ourselves to work. Although the great majority of us do not have the faculties to intervene directly, we do have the potential to unite ourselves in prayer and ask the one who is peace in-person to intervene in our lives.

What we observe and regret in our society is the reflection of the violence that has taken place in the deepest feelings of man; ideologies contrary to the dignity of the person that has given way to confusion and thus to the imbalance of emotions, feelings, and desires that govern the human being. For this reason, it must be acknowledged that the problem is in force and concerns each one of us in society. We cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by the cancer of indifference, in us lies the grave responsibility to make known that the solution to all conflict is in the daily purification of our interior. This then commits us to become heralds and architects of peace, for we must not only proclaim it but, with our testimony, build it.

This longing is not only about the pax of the Latins or the Eirene of the Greeks, expressions that designate the absence of war between the nations, but the biblical Hebrew with which the People of God speak, not only harmony with others but the spiritual and bodily integration of the human being, which gives rise to complete well-being understood as God's gift (cf. Is 26:12; Salt 35.27). Pope Paul VI taught this at the time: "Peace for us Christians is not only an external balance, a legal order, a set of disciplined public relations; but it is, above all, the result of the action of the plan of wisdom and love, with which God has wanted to establish supernatural relations with humanity".

Yes, what our society needs, and even more, what each of us needs is to experience the peace that comes from the Encounter with God; that configuration that the creature assumes when it is in front of its Creator; it is the free and explosive donation that enables us to receive the blessings that come from God.

It is up to us, so, to decide what we are going to do in our time, we cannot wait for others to solve what each of us who form a community is up to us Make. It is time to revolutionize our environment through effort, solidarity, respect, humility, but above all charity, for the latter contains all the virtues that personalize the human being and make him live in fullness; knowing also that if he sees he lives in charity, one lives in God, for God is Love and Prince of peace (cf. 1Jn 4:8; Eph 2: 14). You can build peace; you must build peace.

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