In front of informative manipulations
I access an informational medium, digital or on paper. One day I read a manipulation. Another day. Another day.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C |

Access to an informational medium, digital or on paper. One day I read a manipulation. Another day. Another day. And so, add and move, one after the other.

There is also valid information, interesting data, topics that deserve attention. But even in serious arguments, there is no shortage of inaccuracies from time to time, free adjectives, some mistake, and sometimes manipulations that become apparent to those who know the matters in question.

In such situations, what to do? A reasonable answer would be to stop reading the information source that is characterized by its lack of seriousness and its manipulations. Time is short enough to waste in receiving half-truths or camouflaged lies.

The problem, however, becomes greater when it is found that not only does an information medium act like this, but that there are also information agencies considered "serious" that make such mistakes. And if such agencies feed thousands of press professionals, every mistake multiplies exponentially...

These are complex problems that need to be known and reported. At the root of them, there are, fundamentally, two possible attitudes. One is the lack of seriousness, haste, the continued use of stereotypes assumed with greater or less awareness. Another, much more serious, consists of the explicit will to manipulate, to cut an appointment to make something different say, to mute some data and show others, etc.

Therefore, in front of so many manipulations, it is necessary to find ways to denounce everything that involves deception and to promote journalists and serious and honest media, characterized by their love of truth.

For many, is almost impossible to overcome the current situation. But with small steps and with the help of the new possibilities offered by the Internet, it is possible to identify those who promote guilty lies or inaccuracies and to support those who work for authentic, fair and balanced journalism.

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