From tarot and astral journey to evangelization
Joel Dominguez tells the negative effects of divination, horoscope and then tarot in his life

Anger with God led him to suicide, tarot, Ouija; but the passage of the Samaritan... to faith. Anne was a fortune-teller who wore tarot; when he wanted to leave, an evil voice spoke to him at night.
Despite the crisis, subsidy of 100,000 euros to the tarot business and the ejaculation of Gran Chivo. Between diviners and card-casters a method of evangelization is imposed: Prayer Chair. Joel Domínguez Gallo from adolescence was seduced by everything that came from the occult. In his native Mexico, did not have to go far to get soaked in that ... the gurus paraded every moment on television in the '90s.

To get started, horoscopes.
It all started with the innocuous habit of reading his horoscope every day.
"He was a regular believer of horoscopes to such a degree of always seeing them before leaving home on the morning news of my city's television, where a well-dressed guy, with one eye smaller than the other, who is called The Star continues to appear."
But the habit became dependent and, like the drug, nothing was enough. He needed to know more, to be able to control even his future and to secure for himself anything good if possible! And Joel, he got caught.

From the tarot, the sinking.
Consulting 'seers' of the Tarot later became vital. Without going to them he could not even take a step in his life. "I believed 100% in him," he admits.
"I once went to a parapsychologist," he says, "and with the letters, he told me he knew why I was going to him. I was so surprised that when I read the letters, I believed everything he told me. Then he told me he would do me a job so that all the things that at that moment I intended to go as I wished. However, from that moment on, my life changed a lot. I started to feel bad, I sank into depression, and instead of giving me a blessing it seemed like I was cursed, and nothing turned out as I expected."

A hellish vision.
In that state, a new symptom of deterioration began to strangle his peace ... and that was to dream at night dawned always restless for the dreams he remembered. Obsessed he searched again in the occult for answers and found them when a guru from his city taught him 'techniques' to perform astral travel during sleep. He soon discovered that he would pay a high price.

"I must say that once something happened to me that was as real as it was terrible ... the initial breathing exercises reached a point where I got up from the bed where I was leaning, I went to the window and, horrified, I saw a field full of ancient tombs, Earth and a lot of wind. I felt as if from there many people looked towards my window. As if that were not enough, I turned to my bed and saw myself lying on my back; I tried to rejoin my body and could not. I started to shake and desperate I closed my eyes and woke up in the same position where I had seen, I ran to the window and saw that everything was normal.

Trying to sleep, a torment.
This macabre experience marked him for a long time. His depression was also on the rise. "Every night was a torment when it was time to sleep," Joel says.
The details of that experience were repeated as if it were a nightmare. "I was deeply embarrassed and with my self-esteem in my scare ways for wasting those years of my life trying to find answers where there were none. He was a young man who had come of age and was still studying. But it would be in those circumstances, when I was already in my senior year of high school, that God would uniquely speak to me".

The math teacher.
The Tlaquepaque Institute, founded by the Franciscan religious of Nuestra Señora del Refugio in Guadalajara, was the setting where Joel would live the most decisive moments in his erratic spiritual odyssey and by the way would overcome obsessions, depression, and dependencies on occultism.
"There was a math teacher who was a person given to Christ. I preached in the middle of the room and talked about the wonders the Lord had done in his life and family, I never knew if he was Catholic but definitely in it, the Holy Spirit worked."
That happiness and peace radiated by the math teacher were something Joel longed for himself. "One day our teacher took us with my classmates to a restaurant where he gave us a chair on values that impressed us all. I felt so identified with what he said I decided to imitate him, to follow his life tips. I wasn't sure to follow Christ completely at the time, but I decided to imitate my teacher, it was only the first step towards a life in Christ".

Bible and confession, the best medicine.
His next step, he says, was to start reading the Bible. "I read several texts that caught my eye. Especially that of John 20, 21-23, where Jesus gives the power to forgive the sins of men to his disciples. As I went into research, I realized that only the Catholic Church does this as the gospel says."
Joel cared never to make a mistake again. That's why he began a path of accompaniment and a profound examination of consciousness that allowed him to amend his mistakes in time. "After ten years of not doing so, I confessed again and finally felt a weightless on my top. I felt the debt was settled and my account was zeroed."

Faith Vaccine: to Help Others.
More than 12 years have passed and today Joel is leading a project that tries to clear up doubts to Internet navigators about Catholic doctrine called Faith Vaccine, which has been precisely the main source for this article. The depression faded and is today only a record of its history to warn of the risks of practices such as Tarot and other occultism.
"In our ministry", he says, "we learned to see sectarianism, occultism, relativism, and deviations from faith as the root causes by which the individual, families and entire communities are divided". His life is a clear testimony of it.

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