Eight reasons why rape abortion doesn't "resolve" anything
In the face of international pressure to force an 11-year-old girl to be aborted


In the face of international pressure to force abortion of an 11-year-old girl nicknamed "Belén", pregnant after being raped by her "stepfather" in Chile, to which the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) has joined, the Right to Live platform set out 8 reasons why rape is not a reason for an abortion.

The spokesperson for the Right to Live, doctor of medicine Gádor Joya, denounced that "the PSOE takes a serious case again, manipulates it and misrepresents it to make it even more dramatic to impose on all mothers in situations of difficulty being mothers of dead children.

"Rape abortion only adds a new crime and doesn't help the mother or child," warned.

Dr. Joya recommended, "to those who want to know firsthand how children feel the result of rapes who were not aborted to study their testimonies".

"They're on the internet, within everyone's reach," said. The first of the eight reasons the pro-life platform points to is that "abortion, whatever the mother's circumstance, involves ending the life of a human being."

A second reason is that "rape is an atrocity and a crime to be prosecuted. But the embryo is not guilty of what happened to his mother, nor for his father being a criminal."

Also, noted, "the culprit of rape is not the embryo, but they want to make him the main victim."

The fourth argument for rejecting abortion in rape cases is that "if we don't contemplate the death penalty, not even for the rapist, why do some defend it for the child?"

The fifth reason that contradicts abortion for rape is that "the mother does not have to keep the child. Adoption is a more human response."

The right to live also stated that "abortion does not solve, nor cure, nor causes disappearing what happened. The trauma of rape is added to that of abortion."

The seventh reason argued by the anti-abortion life defense platform is that "the embryo's personal history or family characteristics do not detract from its human character".

Finally, "the human quality of the embryo, and therefore its dignity and protection, does not depend on what happened between its parents", he assured the right to live.

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