Decalogue for a Summer with Christ
A Christian, in the summer, does not hide or keep his faith as one who leaves the winter coat in the closet.

1 A Christian, in the summer, does not hide or keep his faith as one who leaves the winter coat in the closet. We are Christians always and, therefore, our communion with Christ must be conscious and constant.

2 The Christian life is not only sustained in "being good". Kind, 100 percent, only God. For this reason, this time is therefore conducive not to forget God and to be living faces of his presence. The hastes are enemies of charity without noise.

3 Without prayer, a Christian is a paralyzed mill. Many of our failures and desertions are because we have broken the telephone "line" with the Lord. Prayer makes us strong, clarifies us, makes us reflect and carry out the will of the Father.

4 The Eucharist (in addition to moral obligation) is a physical and spiritual necessity. If we already find it possible to lead a relatively Christian life, without it we become puppets of the world. We are at the mercy of the only material food that the world offers or that the ephemeral showcase presents to us.

5 In the summer we're looking for the sun. The worship of the body cannot be above the worship of God. He is the only Sun of justice. He is the one who tans those bowels that, without seeing them, we know are important to be in solidarity with others and lovers of God: the heart and the soul.

6 "Tell me what you read, and I'll tell you how you think".

Shouldn't a Christian be nourished by words of hope? A good book, with Christian criteria, will be a guarantee of a righteous thought, of a lucid conscience.

7 The Creation has been placed by God for our delight. Our land is subjected to constant alteration and degradation as a result of the desire for man's enjoyment. Let us respect the environment where we rest and enjoy so many good things that the Lord puts at our fingertips. It takes centuries to repopulate the earth, hours to burn it.

8 Beauty, art, classical music... it can lead us to God's encounter and enjoyment. A sanctuary is a door open to faith. Mary Virgin is a hand that pushes us towards the Lord. The grandeur of a temple is an aperitif of the glory that awaits us in heaven. Enjoy the imprint that man has left through art and as the fruit of his faith!

9 Silence and contemplation by the sea. Climbing mountains as a sign of our effort to reach the sky. Our rest as an anteroom of what God one day desires for each of us. they can be reflections that help us live this summertime with Christian sense.

10 In the valley or the sea, in the mountains or a village, entered the forest or lost in a desert. In front of a cathedral or the streets of a big city: do not forget that we are Christians. Let's not forget that, God, he's going with us.

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