Good options
Each decision orients Our life and influences the lives of others.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L. | Source:

Choosing selfishness and comfort leads to damage and problems at work, in the family, in society. 

opt for generosity and effort can improve performance, help family and friends, build healthy living. 

from the bad choices the world is tainted with darkness, pain, sadness, injustice, sin. 

With the good choices the world opens to the light, conquers profits, grows in joy, moves toward justice, leads to openness to God.


Everything human is subject to the law of change. If the heart manages to settle in the evil, it costs a lot to go out, but there is hope. If you build on the good, there are guarantees (that do not exclude failures), to improve every day. 

The important thing, at every moment, is to identify which good option I can carry forward. Which implies anchoring the heart in love that lasts and heals: love for God, family and friends, even enemies.


On this day I ask God for light and strength to advance, with joy and hope, towards good choices. Thus there will be less tears in a world already difficult, and more beauty that allows us to realize in fullness our most beautiful vocation: to live the love without measure.

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