Offenses that do not offend
Offense does not offend when we have inner strength.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L. | Source:

There are people who, for various reasons, respond with some aggression, even with a strange desire to hurt others at some point vulnerable. 

The motives for such actions may be several. Sometimes it lacks education. Sometimes there is a certain desire to show themselves superior. There are no shortages of cases in which a fact of the past becomes an excuse for subtly revenge.


When we get an offense, in words or in writing, we easily feel sorry, or we think to respond, as if through a counterattack it was possible to overcome the damage received and pay the other with the same coin. 

Other times, the offense "does not offend", because it comes to us in a moment of inner strength that makes us stand above the aggression. When does that happen?


If we live near God and feel the joy of his friendship. If we are out of focus and more concerned about doing good than responding to evil. If we want to help others, also those who appear to be our enemies. Then it is very easy for a hurtful word not to harm us.


Our heart will be covered with an invisible armour that resists the most poisonous darts. It is true that we are not of stone, and some words have an astonishing force. So there are offenses that do not offend, for those who have received the message of Christ learn to trust the father, to live with the certainty of the triumph of good over any human evil, to forgive those who wish to hurt others, and to love and do good to those who persecute us and slander (cf. Lc 6.35; Rm 12.14).




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