You're a long way from being born.... Oh Lord of History
Will I give my heart to Jesus this Christmas?

In the middle of the wind... how are our roads?

We all know that Christmas is almost up.... and there we are running, we have even made a list so that we do not forget the "things" that we have to do, gifts, food for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas meal. ... and the nougats! ah, that if we cannot miss and the wines... another important thing to provide...

Everyone, according to their possibilities, we will try that night or day, can be celebrated as best as possible and above all, if it becomes in our house, to be with the best of successes...

This is all very well, but.... how are our ways? The "ways" of our interior, the "ways" of our heart...

Many years ago, John, began to preach penance, baptism for the forgiveness of sins and his repentance, it is the time of mortification so we see that priests dress purple when celebrating Mass, and still many thousands of years before, we can Read the prophet Isaiah: "A voice has resounded in the wilderness: Prepare the Lord's way, make your ways righteous. Every valley will be filled, all-mountain and hill, lowered; the tortuous will become right, the rough ways will be paved and all men will see God's salvation".

It is now that our time has come... how do we prepare these "ways"... without allaying the ridges of our pride, our highness... without putting our desires for ambition straight by changing them by generosity, without softening that roughness by asking for forgiveness or giving it with a gesture of love....?

It's time to think, to "dive" inside to see if we need to change the way we are, change our lives... to be able to offer "something", to be able to "give" something to the Son of God that is no longer long to arrive, which is no longer long to appear in our history, being the Lord and Owner of it, and yet we will see him being born in the deepest humility and only the only. It's time to give away. and to receive gifts..., everything is fine.

But He just came to get my heart to love him. ... will I give it to him?......

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