What do I do tomorrow?
Three reflections on the economic crisis

Because of the current economic crisis, young people face an uncertain future. As a common denominator, this situation has enormous difficulties in starting its professional development and the precariousness of the opportunities that arise. The paradox is that, never as before, the young generations have been better formed, but they are in an environment where there is no hope, they seem to have no place, or at least, that is not as expected. Facing a global crisis of such enormous magnitudes, and which is not right to predict its exit, is not easy. Three are the reflections I wish to propose.

First, that a secure and stable future is not always guaranteed. Throughout the XX century, many young people have had to function in a complex and difficult environment. In the end, with effort, resignations, and desire for improvement, many succeeded in their jobs, with greater or lesser fortune, and today they can show in their homes pictures of children and grandchildren. It's time to put yourself in place and wonder, what would I have done? It is curious that many great fortunes and business corporations were born, precisely, from young people who started a very modest professional activity, with little results, but that with the passage of time and the right know-how, they managed to achieve their dreams. And dreams that involved wealth creation, prosperity, jobs, and even development and innovation that we now enjoy as the most normal in the world. Perhaps it is time to get hold of biography to, rather than read, study a couple of cases that catch your eye in sectors as varied as fashion, hospitality, automotive, show, food, transport, technology...

Secondly, a lifestyle and an education that overvalues protection, safety, comfort, and safe success lead precisely, on the contrary. Comfortable and safe living does not enable sacrifice and renunciation, savings, or responsible decision making. The reason? because it doesn't take into account that things can shift to worse results, which involves foresight, a knowing wait, or a resolute attitude to launch with strength and enthusiasm to seize opportunities. Character is best shaped in difficulty and scarcity, "Hard training, easy combat". Therefore, if there is no emotionally sound, intellectually formed, human-complete, balanced basis, it is not possible to change attitudes towards a future that bears the common denominator of "global crisis". The Peter Pan syndrome or eternal youth makes men and women childish, incapable, dependent, tremendously vulnerable. Perhaps it is time to think about others, to stop talking about “me” to make it "us", to see on what specific topics I can improve, train and take advantage of time responsibly. Remember that helping others or dedicating part of our time to social justice as a group makes us virtuous. This attitude is manifested in a job interview and then in the company, when it comes to working as a team, looking for clients, solving problems...

Finally, uncertainty and lack of opportunities necessarily means a change and discerning whether the time has come to launch a professional initiative of its own (company, self-employed) or to go abroad to markets Emerging. The great emigrations of the early twentieth century came out looking for opportunities. Today times have changed, and conditions are different. But you have to move. Entrepreneurs are driven by enthusiasm for the project and the medium-long term. Maybe it's time to change the sector, try other things, develop new skills.

In the face of the complex situation that many economies live, the family strongly appears as a basic area of help and as a basic cell of society. It is also a pity to see on TV young people who expect solutions only through demonstrations and protests, many of them violent as if it were fun to go out and shout and break shops and streets, in the form of a revolutionary kick. While it is true that injustices need to be denounced and rights demanded, I believe that it is now more urgent to talk about duties, because they unite us and strengthen us. In my opinion, it is necessary to create the conditions for developing and protecting the middle classes, which is what sustains and gives stability to a country; fostering social and entrepreneurial initiative, encouraging investment, attracting talent; reduce the size of public administrations, limit spending, bet on subsidiarity and transparency; in short, to generate a culture in favor of the common good with solid pillars. Young people are also called to this urgent and important work, who in their adult life will be able to give effective answers to a crisis that will be able to return if the lesson is not learned.

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