From Ideas to Life
What ideas dominate my soul and the culture around me?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Ideas have no body, no money, no warehouses, but they have a huge weight in the lives of people.

Ideas begin wars or lead peace agreements to be signed, bridges or ramparts are built, highways and airports are drawn.

Ideas are always on our side. For example when we get up, we think with ideas what will be the best decision about this purchase, about the amount of salt to put in the food, about the book we read.

At dusk, we evaluate the day and feel joy if we believe (from ideas) that goodness has dominated, or we weep for mistakes, even sins, that left wounds in ourselves or others.

Ideas and more ideas. They accompany our decisions and explain the cleanliness or the clutter of the streets. They forge cultures and technologies, with their limits and their riches.

Every idea, therefore, has a weight in each one's life.

What ideas dominate my soul and the culture around me? What ideas drive me to stop harmful behaviors and promote those that lead to truth, justice, good, and beauty?

The Sun follows its orbit in the sky and a new idea appears before my eyes and forces my mind to opt for it or to leave it aside. We have to make decisions.

That's why I ask God and my friends for help to see better and to embrace healthy and true ideas. Then, I will be able to make decisions that, I hope, will produce improvements in my life and in the whole world.

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