Towards a totalitarian thought?
Totalitarian thinking seeks, as one of its main objectives, to gag, persecute and isolate those who do not think according to dictators in turn.

Thinking involves opening yourself to truth, justice, beauty, good. Thinking is the basic budget for freedom to mature and be oriented right. That is why totalitarian thinking seeks, as one of its main objectives, to gag, persecute and isolate those who do not think according to dictators on duty.

Some voices have risen in the past and rise in the present against that gag of defenders of totalitarian thought. Complaints such as that of the famous George Orwell in "1984", or that of Lois Lowry's recent novel "The Giver", are paradigms of those voices, many of which struggle with indifference or even the hostility of those who should be champions of freedom.

Are people and groups currently seeking to impose totalitarian thinking? Yes, for example when freedom of historical research is prohibited by law; or when laws are passed against alleged "phobias" involving accusing anyone who opposes such laws as an enemy and dangerous; or when religious or ethical ideas are prevented from being taught under the false pretext that they offend those who think otherwise; or when an act as unfair as abortion is declared as right and then labeled as violent precisely to those who go against such a "right"...

What is surprising is the passivity of many in the face of local, national or international pressures in favor of totalitarian thinking. If something great has the human being, with all its mistakes of the past and the present, it consists precisely in its ability to think beyond arbitrary impositions and gags covered by false rights and ideological pressures of some groups.

Therefore, defending the right to think and to express one's convictions before absurd laws, which seek to gag opponents, is not only a necessity but even an obligation to save societies from succumbing under the control of groups Totalitarian.

Totalitarian thinking will certainly seek to crush opponents. It has done so in dictatorships such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. It did so even during the French Revolution under the false pretext of defending the idea of freedom used ideologically by fanatical groups of revolutionary intolerants. And it does so in the democratic world with subtle tactics, where under the supposed and misleading idea of defending minorities, all they seek is to arbitrarily silence anyone who thinks autonomously.

Perhaps advocates of these abuses will one day, with surprise, see how the totalitarian mechanisms they promote turn against them. The "myth" of the revolution that engulfs your children is not a myth, but a sad reality.

Opening our eyes to the threats of totalitarian thinking and those who promote it will allow a strong reaction for justice to be defended and for the men and women of our planet to search, freely, for those truths that they crave in the greatest intimate of their hearts.

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