Social Service: Neither lazy nor hyperactive
You learn to help by helping, as you learn to swim by swimming.

Some have the serious defect of never helping anyone, and they spend all their time admiring their navel, without giving their hand to those who need it. They are a very dangerous species because they do not catch or catch or let them bat ... and also take advantage of their immobile plant state, sorry to the vegetables for the offense.

But that is not the only defect: if some go by lax thinking about their immortality all the time, some have a rare disease called "Help", and who cannot be with someone without wanting to help and pass him salt on the table, do not carry your backpack and have it because they are on top of you all the time without letting you breathe.

The lazy one is annoying because he is a voluntary autistic, and his imagination is so scarce that it only takes place for one person: himself. The hyperactive is fed up because the idea that it is not necessary to help all people at all times has been crossed by the hyperactive: others can alone with many of the things they do in life.

If you found a description of yourself in one of these paragraphs, be careful, you better think twice.
There are no recipes: help is not measured only by the time you take helping; not for the number of things you loaded; nor for the sole intention without having been put into practice. No manual says when, how, how much and why help people. But yes, we agree that it is necessary, indeed, that it is good to help someone, or many, as appropriate.

And while it is true that no recipe call is called "Know how to help others and not die in the attempt", then... What do you think... you have to bring out how smart you are, and by the way, take a look at your intentions and your willingness.

And if that's not enough, it takes something else: helping is like swimming: you learn to help by helping, just as you learn to swim. You may be clumsy at first... don't worry, it happens to us all... but don't be discouraged, I'm sure you'll soon be more sensitive to people and the times when you can help them.

If you see it this way, not only the social service but any favors you are asked for or any help you want to give will come out better... and you won't end up hurting someone you wanted to help!

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