Historical characters: legends and realities
A critical spirit will help us to have an approach to real history

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:


For different reasons, many historical characters are presented wrongly, manipulated, incomplete, extolled or denigrated according to tastes. 

Thus, a rebel murderer and Thief becomes considered by millions of people as the great hero of independence and freedom and also occurs that another character, with a military career that crushed a bloodthirsty rebellion, becomes a repressor egomaniac and a ruthless dictator.

Or that the official, who raised the flag of his country and sought the good for his land, one day appear as the defender of regional independence in which he had never dreamed or that the responsibility for the death of millions of peasants, bourgeois, military, priests and people of all kinds, for many remain the great defender of a wonderful utopia and the liberation of the oppressed.

It is not easy to indicate how the manipulative process was given that drew some as monsters and others as heroes, because each case has its peculiarities.

What does seem clear is that it is necessary to promote strategies to avoid such rude manipulations of history that lead to denigrating ones and exalting others according to the ideologies of those who narrate the "facts," and finding concrete ways to open spaces to Knowledge of such facts as they happened.

Because where historians, the promoters of culture, journalists, writers, work seriously, read the documents, come to the testimonies of the events of the past, the manipulations disappear like fog before the wind, and realities are exposed.

The Legends laudatory or slanderous do not take place when there is a healthy critical spirit that exceeds sentences made and lies repeated thousands of times, and that allows us to recognize that in so many characters of the past not everything was bad, nor everything was good.

From that critical spirit, with good historical advice that nullifies ideological manipulations, legends will be parked, and there will be a greater approach to what they did and were those who are considered as important characters of the past, with Their miseries and their greatness.

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