Glances at reality
Seeing reality is not easy

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Seeing reality is not easy because of the amount of filters that come between our minds and things. 

Some adopt biases of rights, and others of lefts. Some believe that science explains (or will explain) everything, and others are convinced that the truest escapes the best laboratories on the planet. 

Among the prejudices, some are true, others are false, and others mix a little of everything.

Moreover, prejudices can lead to serious deceit and grotesque manipulation, but there are also occasions when they come to the truth. 

Occurs, for example, that the false prejudice according to which many believe that all politicians are corrupt makes it right to conclude that this politician really is.

The normal, however, is that prejudices prevent us from understanding reality and lead us to harmful judgments and behaviors for ourselves and others. 

Racist prejudice leads, in an arbitrary and unfair way, to see one's own race as superior and to despise those of other races as inferior, when a little sense is enough to see that we all have the same dignity.

In a world full of prejudices and antipathies, mental lazyness and deceitfully disseminated skillfully, it is necessary to promote healthy looks to reality. 

These glances will leave aside distorting prejudices, many of them inculcated in the family, the school, the books or the "informative" means, to analyze matter by subject, person by person, with objectivity, with justice and with empathy.

Then the world will unveil surprises that ridicule so many absurd and harmful prejudices, and we will be able to recognize qualities or flaws in others, from a mental opening stimulating and willing to embrace reality as it stands in front of Us.

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