Marriage, a natural commitment
Marriage is the natural form of the human species to ensure the procreation and transmission of culture.

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When we think of marriage, come to mind our civil marriage, signatures, witnesses, and of course, religious marriage, the ladies, the flowers, the party.

But marriage is much more than signatures and events, it is prior to any document. Marriage is the natural form of the human species to ensure the procreation and transmission of culture. Each species has its own specific rituals to safeguard its continuity.

Natural marriage has its own essence, not the invention of man; as every institution transcends and surpasses the individual who makes it up. Marriage as a natural social institution, thus contains what is necessary to cover our basic necessities of order in the bonds of blood, of continuity and gives beginning to the family.

To achieve the continuity of the species, we need to procreate in a natural way; It is possible to do it artificially, but the majority percentage must be this way, otherwise we would be in danger of extinction... Can you imagine how expensive and complicated it would be to do it only artificially? We've seen a lot of movies about this and we know the end.

To do so naturally, we necessarily need this marriage to be between a man and a woman.

To establish security and order, we need it to be for life, simply as protection for children and the same couple.

It's like a very big investment: you need a contract of many years, more than 50, to be able to recover it, otherwise you don't want it. You're investing all your being, it's not anything... Now, like any investment, things can go wrong, but they are exceptions, and you cannot act on that basis.

The mission of both civil and religious marriage is to adapt it to the culture and values of each region. Civil marriage will redress you with local laws and religious marriage with the laws of God.

A civil marriage that is not total and which does not have the purpose of procreation, is a document that only guarantees the desire to be together, is a covenant of coexistence, a very reduced contract, which gives certain rights and obligations. It ceases to be a social institution to become a mere legal process.

Religious marriage must be the closest thing to natural law if we boast of saying that God is the creator of nature itself. Therefore, the married give voice and body to the invisible love of God, and the Yes, I love you! becomes an act of full and generous love that gives continuity and care to creation. (1)

What happens if we put a dent in religious or civil marriage? As long as man is man, those who seek natural marriage will always be the majority, so do not be overwhelmed, the world is not going to end ... Even the worst films survive a few.

Bishop Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia, clearly explains that the decisions of the court do not change the nature of men and women at all; It invites us to promote with love a healthy culture of marriage.

Renewing the institution of marriage does not mean changing its foundations, it means re-drawing glory in it. It is like restoring a work of art, where restorers return originality and beauty to a cultural good.

To restore it must eliminate anger, lack of union, pornography, infidelity and overwork; enlighten him with the love of God and fun as a couple.

And finally, make it known: one marriage at a time, yours and mine, the neighbors, the peers ... We must not be carried away by sensationalist information full of pessimism; if we propose it, we will realize that there are many happy marriages and the heroic stories of great families around us. And above all, for natural marriage to recover its splendor, we have to tell good stories, which are many.

1) The Book of Marriage, José Pedro Manglano



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