Importance of nuances
Simplified thinking erases the nuances.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Simplified thinking erases the nuances. It assumes and defends that there are only white or black colors, good or bad people, sincere neighbors or liars. 

The Crusaders were bad and the good Muslims, say ones. Others claim the opposite, with surprising security. 

The right-wingers are enemies of the people and friends of the rich, say ones. Others say that the left-wingers always lie, deceive, destroy the wealth of the people.

The simplified thought triumphs, precisely because it is presented bluntly, diaphanous. It is understood at once and draws friends from easy clarity. 

Reality, however, is full of nuances. Because between the crusaders and among the Muslims there was a little of everything, as well as among those who are presented as leftist or right.

Therefore, before those who make historical claims simplified, before those who raise barriers that drastically distinguish between good and bad in the past and in the present, we must give importance to the nuances. 

The world and people are full of important aspects that are not seen with ideological looks or harmful prejudices. These aspects are captured when the minds are opened to reality, when the facts are thoroughly studied, when people are seriously listened to.

Faced with affirmations and sentences clearly unfair to forget relevant nuances, it is necessary to promote a healthy common sense that allows us to be more prudent in our statements and more attentive to the details.

Nuances have always been important in understanding the world. Today, as always, they must be rescued from manipulators (often victims of the manipulations of others) and offered in all their variety to whom we want, seriously, to know better the world in which we live.

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