I have been created for communion in love
No one is happy if you lack a person to love, for whom to be loved

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It draws the attention that the human being, to be happy, needs of the others. Do I not need others, do not need for them to be accepted, to be understood, to be loved, to be loved? No one is happy if it lacks a "you" whom to love, for whom to be loved. That's why we fled to solitude! It is when we are or feel alone that we are inundated with deep sadness and desolation, a tedium and nonsense in life that sometimes goes to despair, to shelter in one the secret or express desire to stop living.

In contrast to the experience of friendship and love, to the communication of existences, to communion, the joy, joy and happiness of the human being are inevitably linked. When we experience loved ones, valuable to others, when we love ourselves and the fruit of that love and correspondence in love, we live communion among people, there is joy, there is happiness.

It seems contradictory that one is "destined" to find happiness outside oneself, in others, and the more you seek to find it in itself, alone, becoming independent of others, self-sufficient, more unhappy becomes. But that is in short: without the other, and without the other par excellence, I cannot be happy, I cannot understand or perform as a person.

The mystery of the Trinity casts a diaphanous light on the mystery that I am myself and therefore teaches me how to respond rightly to what I truly am: A being in need of communion because God, who is in himself communion of love, created me for communion. By understanding my origin, understanding that God is love and that has created me for love, I understand that I will never be able to perform or be happy but in the delivery of myself to others and the reception of the other, incessantly opening up to the love that comes from God and living the Community With him and in him with the Human brothers.


How can I live communion in my life?

1.On the one hand, it is essential to persevere in the life of prayer and to grow in love for God above all. Who puts the Lord Jesus at the center of his life, who meditates his words and seeks to live as he taught, little by little enters into communion with God and is filled with his own love: "If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my father will love him , and we will come to him, and dwell in him. " (Jn 14.23) That presence and that love of God will necessarily be expressed in dealing with our neighbors, for whom we are called to be a vivid reflection of the love that God lives in himself.


2. "As teachings for the concrete life that spring from the contemplation of the mystery of the creative Trinity we have to be a person to be in reverent openness to the other. The others are not hell, as Sartre said, but they are an invitation to be fulfilled by communication and loving service. "(Luis Fernando Figari) Living the service as a generous donation to others is essential to build communion among all. Many believe that serving is lowering, being less, that what you have to do is dominate, make others serve me, know how to manipulate them and use them to achieve my purposes. Change those anti-evangelical criteria, fight against all selfishness, against any attitude of "serving others", "that others serve me", "waiting for someone else to serve first (why do I always have to be me? )", is essential. I must read my life in the key of service. Let's look at Christ, our Master and Model: He "has not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many." (Mt 20,28) Ask yourself: how can I serve better at home or in my community? Overcome your laziness, overcome your selfishness and individualism, meet the needs of those with whom you live, help in what you can good, serve your first and do not expect others to serve you, ask yourself what you can do for them instead of asking you what they can do for you.


3. To build communion, is essential to fight against selfishness and individualism, serious evils that affect our society today. Selfishness is the attitude of those who look and think of themselves before others. Individualism is the attitude of the one who believes that he does not need anyone, closes in himself, does not care or worry about those around him or the needs of others. Both attitudes are poison to achieve communion and happiness to which we are called. We must examine ourselves, detect any selfish or individualistic attitude in ourselves and strive to fight them, day by day, with the grace of God. To fight selfishness and individualism always try to think before the needs of those who live with you in your own needs, claims or "demands", get out of yourself and worry about others, in small things learn to sacrifice yourself for the Good of the others.


4. Very important also is that, even if it costs you, forgive anyone who has offended or continually offends you, and ask forgiveness when someone hurts either with your words or with your attitudes lack of charity. Living the dynamism of reconciliation is fundamental to healing wounds and serenely building the communion based on love.


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