Thanks for your forgiveness
Of heart, from my smallness, with my sores, with my fears, with my hopes

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

I've sinned so many times. You've forgiven me so many times. I don't want to get used to it, father, to the gift of forgiveness. 

That's why I want to thank you. Of heart, from my smallness, with my wounds, with my fears, with my hopes. 

Thank you, for I you took on the great day of baptism, for I am rid of sin, because you washed me with the blood of your son.


Thank you, because you made me son, a member of the church, brother of so many men and women who walk, like me, under your father's gaze. 

Thank you, because you fed me with the bread of the weak, because you allowed me to nourish myself with the flesh of the lamb, because you invited me to the banquet. 

Thank you, because you gave me your spirit, because you enlightened my conscience, because you warned me to flee from sin, because you impelled me to do good.


Thank you, because you did not stop loving me when I fell into sin, when I gave in to my passions, when I was afraid to testify to Jesus Christ. 

Thank you, because you invited me to go to the sacrament of penance, to again receive your forgiveness from the hands of one of your priests. 

Thank you, God the Father, for you have reminded me, a thousand times, that mercy conquers sin, that there is hope for those of us who have failed.


This day, and I wish every day, I want to turn my life into a song of praise, "because your mercy is eternal."


Like so many brothers of my past and present, sinners who have experienced the great gift of your forgiveness, I thank you and bless you:



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