Envoys of God
God's envoys sow seeds of hope and love

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

There are conversions thanks to a meeting. A person lives in a disorderly, selfish, unfair, cynical way. He knows a real Catholic. Something's moving in his heart. Start the change. 

For that person, the Catholic meant the beginning of new reflections. It is possible to live differently. There is beauty in forgiving and serving selflessly. There is respect in those who think differently and can help without imposing.


To meet someone good, authentic, sincere, believing, impresses. We see that someone as a true envoy of God, as a living and concrete sign of the world of the Gospel. 

Christ announced to his disciples that they would be their witnesses to the ends of the earth (cf. acts 1.8). Also today good disciples remind us of the love of the father of Mercies.


God's envoys sow, at every time and in so many places on the planet, seeds of hope and love. The world needs its example, its word, its bravery, its warmth. 

The question arises: can I also be sent, my witness? Do I have enough strength and faith to bring the good news to others? Or do I get frightened when I perceive my weakness and incoherence, that prevent me from bringing God to others?


I know: to speak of God without living honestly is counterproductive, it causes many times harm in those who listen to me. That's why I need to open myself up to mercy to confess my sin and become seriously. 

We have all been made for God and we need to discover him, also with the help of those who have initiated this wonderful adventure of faith and testify, sometimes without realizing it, to those who live beside him.


I can also be one of those envoys of God to others. From the sincere conversion, from the reception of the help of others, from the continuous prayer of the Church for me and for all men, from the testimony of those who accompany me and show me the wonderful face of Christ, alive and close also in our time.

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