We are what we Love
When I guide my heart and life with love, I build my true identity.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Love guides our hearts, orients our minds, moves our hands. Love shapes us to the point that we are what we love.

St Augustine said it in a bold way. ‘”Do you love the land? You'll be dirt. Do you love God? What am I going to say, that you're a god? I dare not say it for myself. Let us hear the Scripture: 'I had said, You are gods, all of you children of the Most High”’ (Psalm 82:6) (Treaties on the First Letter of St John, II:14).

We might encounter a big surprise when we discover that God loves man so much, he becomes one. The message of the Incarnation tells us precisely that: God, who is love, incarnated, became one like us.

When I guide my heart and life with love, I build my true identity. If my love was towards sin, then, I would be earth, or technology, money, passions, wars, etc.

Instead, I will be justice, mercy, service, humility, obedience, if I direct my heart towards good love, if I seek to imitate Christ who teaches me the way: to love until I give life for friends (cf. Jn 15:12 13).

Through the path of love, life reaches its full meaning. Already in this uncertain time it acquires a unique solidity, because it rooted in God and because it puts aside selfishness. Then he reaches the eternal, where the fullness of God will also be ours (cf. Col 2:9-10).

Love is the key to human life. If we set aside the kind of love that destroys and lead to the void, and we choose authentic love, we will have achieved the most wonderful goal of any existence: to have a heart similar to that of our Father in Heaven.

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