True and False
The will wants to flee from falsehoods and move towards safe and enlightening truths.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Two opposing poles: truth and falsehood. With a paradoxical nature, if something is true, it is not false and if something is false, it is not true.

Talking about truth really means thinking about falsehood. The human mind is capable of understanding poles contrary to each other.

In the midst of this distinction, the mind and heart desire to attain the truth and avoid falsehood. Because the first allows you to make better decisions, avoid deceptions and build stronger bonds of friendship.

On the other hand, that which is false, causes harm, hurts human relationships, confuses your ability to make decisions and generates mistrust.

The will wants to escape falsehoods and move towards safe and illuminating truths. The mind works continuously to reject that which is deceptive to reach something that is right and safe.

Despite ideological currents that have built entire systems from lie and deceit, individuals and societies have kept the desire to approach the truth alive, whatever that takes.

In that sense, examples such as Socrates, a daring and nonconformist thinker, and of thousands of martyrs, witnesses of truth, stimulate and encourage the struggle to leave lies and to adhere to realities.

The same religious desire that nests in so many humans confirms the existence of that desire for truth. Because only a religion built on full truth guarantees and opens up spaces to the yearning for complete salvation.

Christ, is presented not only as a truth, but as the complete truth. He overcomes darkness, destroys lies, denounces hypocrisy, propels the holy life.

"If ye hold in my word, ye shall truly be my disciples, and ye shall have the truth, and the truth will make you Free" (Jn 8.31 32).

There is only full freedom when we reach firmness in truths that lead us to the complete encounter with God and the authentic love towards the brothers.

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