In which hands am I?
In the hands of a Father God, and in the hands of his own and others ' decisions.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source: Staff

The future of the world, who does it depend on? The future of the close beings, my own future, who does it depend on? What hands am I in? 

in books, articles, lectures, it is often repeated that each one decides his future. Then that future would be in my hands: I would decide what happens and what I am. 

But the reality is much more complex. Because the future escapes the control of the most powerful and the poor, the young and the elderly.


There's always something undetermined in our lives. A virus or recklessness on the road is enough to make it all an unexpected turn. 

So, what are our hands? Can we somehow control the future? Are we actors who decide our happiness, or patient subjects who welcome what others do?


In the Christian vision of life, we are in the hands of God, but we also have responsibility for what we do. 

Each of the acts made freely configures my present and my future, and the present and the future of others (near or far). 

These acts unite with a great flow of results, in which the decisions of others converge, the changes of wind, the solar storms and the bites of the mosquitoes.


It seems a chaotic panorama, but it weaves the providence of God, who is a good father, who wants to achieve the best in this life and in the future. 

Yes, God wants our good, even if my decisions or those of others go wrong ways, because of mistakes or sins that cause so much damage.


What hands am I in? In the hands of a Father God, and in the hands of his own and others ' decisions. 

Those decisions will be successful and fruitful if I seek to love God and others. Those decisions will be harmful if I choose my selfishness and reject what God asks of me.

Time goes on. Every second I take decisions and I welcome what others decide or what happens from uncontrollable forces. 

God the Father look, wait, love, let him act. In addition, it invites to trust, to ask forgiveness, to rise after a fall, and not to let us sink by a failure. 

In the end, when we cross the frontier of death, we will understand in what wonderful hands our human adventure passed, and how beautiful it is to live in love and to love.

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