On the way to the truth
To overcome hostilities of mind, just a little bit of healthy humility

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Many issues are complex and difficult. Opinions are divided. The discussions are not missing. 

In spite of the difficulties, the beautiful thing is to find with open minds and hearts available to new reflections and constructive criticisms. 

Backwards, it is painful to perceive how some are closed in partial views, attack those who propose different ideas, or even prevent a legitimate debate.

To overcome hostilities and cerrazones of mind, a little of healthy humility is enough: sooner or later a theory shows its mistakes, and on so many topics it is possible to welcome new perspectives. 

In a world where voices, ideas and different projects coexist, we need to open paths to the truth. Only then will we begin to put aside the wrong and to make small steps towards the right.

It won't be easy. It is enough to think of almost exhausting debates such as abortion, which some advocate as a right when a little common sense is enough to recognize that in every abortion an innocent human being is eliminated. 

That is why it is worth analyzing, before facing a new discussion, if there is availability to see things as they are, to open up to enriching perspectives, and to leave topics that prevent thinking serenely.

Then it will be possible that wonderful experience that brings together two human beings who depart from very distant positions and, little by little, receive truths that unite them, that surround them, and that they launch them to continue on their way to the truth.

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