Difficulties on the way to the good
Why does it sometimes get so hard to start a good project?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L. | Source:

A good project. We think how to carry it out, cherish the benefits it will produce in others. 

We take the first steps, and the difficulties begin. Few collaborators. One that yesterday said yes today gives us a negative. The media and money are missing. 

With a little more effort, we overcame the first barriers. Others appear: Permits, bureaucracy, oppositions, criticisms.

Why does it sometimes get so hard to start a good project? Partly because some projects are in themselves difficult. In part, by that mystery of human freedom, obscured by the presence of sin. 

In the face of this type of situation, there is a danger of throwing away the towel, of giving up. So that you lose your cool, wear out in absurd arguments, sleep little and ruin your liver?

However, there are projects that are worthwhile and for which we have to move forward. Not as reckless and stubborn, but as people willing to leave skin and time to start something that helps others. 

So, in order not to be stuck in the face of difficulties, it takes an extra dose of hope and bravery. Every obstacle is faced in its true entity. One by one, the walls that are presented must be knocked down.

If, in the end, the project is submerged under the sand of the mistimes, we will feel sorry, but we are sure to have given the best of ourselves. 

If, on the other hand, the day of victory arrives, we will thank God for blessing our effort on something good that will serve for a time, we hope, to improve the lives of those who live beside us.

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