Dialogue and justice
Does it make sense to talk there about dialogue to avoid confrontation?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Appealing to dialogue in conflict situations has become a kind of easy mantra. The issue, however, requires consideration of an indispensable point: the safeguarding of justice. 

A gang of criminals enters a supermarket and struggles with employees who react and defend themselves. Does it make sense to talk there about dialogue to avoid confrontation?

A political party promotes racist ideas and achieves consistent support among the population. Does it make sense to talk about dialogue to avoid tensions towards that party? 

A group of police officers are ordered to prevent illegal acts promoted by populist platforms, and find strong resistance from people who support such platforms. Is it necessary to overcome this conflict with dialogue?

Most university students freely reject a general strike and go to school to follow their studies. Others boycott teaching activities with cries and threats. Should we talk to those who do not respect the freedom of others? 

The list could be much longer, but it illustrates that appealing to the dialogue to overcome conflicts (which have many causes, and which are sometimes clearly manipulated) is not enough, because dialogue is built on justice.

Therefore, in the face of so many social, religious, political or other tensions, we must demand respect for justice as a fundamental budget for any authentically human dialogue. 

Because that same justice will recognize that there are differences that can be freely discussed in societies if fundamental rights are respected and the laws that build coexistence are complied with.

The efforts of public authorities, judges, policemen and other law enforcement officers to ensure justice will be one of the best ways to build platforms where dialogue is not only possible, but fruitful.

Because then one and the other will be able to embrace, beyond their differences, and be in a position to develop dialogues that allow consensus and agreements aimed at improving coexistence and promoting greater respect for the same justice that has allowed us to engage Constructive dialogues.

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