Let yourself be helped
By opening up to the help of others, we recognize our trust in human kindness

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We like to be able to help others. It means that we have sensitivity, that we perceive the pain and the needs of others, that we have the strength to lend a hand. 

We May find it hard to let us help, because it implies acknowledging that we are in need, that the problems are superior to our energies, that we are tired or sick.

Letting yourself be helped, however, has positive aspects. On the one hand, because we capture something that everyone, also those who seem luckier, we need to discover: life is always something fragile.

On the other hand, because by opening up to the help of others, we recognize our trust in human kindness. We had experienced it so many times in our childhood, especially through parents. We continually experience it in accidents, illnesses, studies, jobs, kitchen arrangements...

Yes: On our side there are many good people, who perceive our weaknesses, which offers a council to get away from the wrong path, which leaves us some bills (no interest) to succeed in an economic predicament. 

Are men and women who care for us in hospitals, who protect us in the street as police (cold and hot), who take us to the destination as drivers of metro or buses, which tell us how to get to the city hall.

By letting us help by so many good people, we overcome the penalty of those who ask to see the relief that arises when we are supported, welcomed, accompanied, cared for, even at the expense of the risk of infecting our flu to whom we visit during the hours of fever.

Letting US help by family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, makes it easier for our hearts to open up to the ultimate help, the only one who can forgive sins and overcome the drama of death: The one that Jesus Christ offers, in the name of God the Father, With the strength and comfort of the Spirit..

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