Laziness and diligence
The way to defeat laziness is in love

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Capital vices cause a lot of damage to people. The vice of laziness leads to carelessness, negligence, omissions, as well as preparing the ground for other ills.

Laziness grows when it feeds. It is enough to shirk at the time of getting up, prefer something easy on the Internet that the important task, postpone again and again what is expensive so that the vice increases in the heart.

Backward, laziness is defeated if at specific times we prefer to tackle the important not only to get rid of a pending issue but by the conviction that it is worthwhile to do the right required at any time. The way to defeat laziness is in love. Hence the name of the virtue of diligence, the worst enemy of laziness and the best ally of perfection and so many other virtues.

Diligence is that disposition to act well at every moment and with encouragement and decision. To help a relative, to undertake the pending work in the office or the factory, to clean the room: they are concrete actions that arise from the love. 

Because love has its characteristic activity. Who loves, works to serve, to lend a hand, to carry out tasks that are seen not only as obligations but as part of the path that unites us to others. In environments that exalt the rest, those present things as easy, that seek to avoid the fatigues, the true love will take the hearts out of laziness and propel them to an activity full of confidence.

To overcome laziness is possible with something as simple as the love applied to every moment. Now, without waiting at times that we do not know if they will be given, we can dedicate our time, energies, mind and heart, to the most beautiful horizon: to love God and the Brothers in concrete and charitable actions.

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