Small steps in the spiritual life
Let God take possession of our soul

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

There are fulminant conversions. A sinner opens to grace, breaks evil, and changes deeply. 

There are slow conversions, as a maturing process that can last for weeks. One day it's time for the jump. Start a life in God.

After conversion, or as part of a constant path of spiritual life, there are moments of fatigue and stagnation. The warmth peeks and darkens the soul. 

In those moments when it seems that everything has stopped, or even that we go backward, it takes a little effort to break the fence.

We cannot allow the Acedia (the famous "Meridian Demon") to quench the fire we receive with grace. We need to take small steps to break the fence. 

How to do it? It is easy to imagine some simple examples of how to take those steps in spiritual life.

This day prayer has been a tired, almost drowsy moment. Discouragement looms. I react: My little step is to ask God for forgiveness without discouragement. 

The day has been full of tensions and anxieties about the material. I look at a crucifix. With my hands and pray for the change of my heart.

In the conversation I let my words roam freely, and I threw criticism at near and far. Yes, I realize very late, but now I can pray for those whom I have harmed. 

There are many situations in which we can take small steps towards God and others. They are beautiful moments in spiritual life because they ignite the fervor again and drive us on the road to love.

I may not achieve a swift, Fulminant holiness. But I let God take possession of my soul. This will help me to walk towards him and open up to the sincere love that advances, little by little, towards a beautiful life.

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