Do you want to end your faith forever?
A convert offers you ten foolproof ways to achieve it.

There is no sudden change from fervor to lukewarmness, from habitual practice to practical atheism. It is a process due to errors that can be avoided.

The author of these recommendations is a blogger. There is not much more to say, the network has these things. His name is Jason L., aka El Haragán, he is 28 years old, he studies Theology, he loves Guinness beer (the sketch of the image shows him with a good look on his hands) and he is a freelance journalist. And, most importantly, he is "proud" of having converted to the Catholic faith.

In a recent blog post Rise to Mount Carmel, he has made an interesting cast of The Ten Best Ways to Kill Your Faith, with spiritual reflections to guide the reader. They are, he says, "the ten most effective ways to completely ruin your spiritual life to an absolute dryness, or at least to make a considerable break." So, conclude, avoid them if you want your spiritual life to grow.

Let us see them, then, following the counsel of Thomas of Kempis in the Imitation of Christ (I:5:1): "Look not who says it, but heed what it says".
1. Admit that the Church is finished: listen to those who attack the faith without being sure that your faith is strong enough to sustain it. So, you can begin to feel isolated, to get angry and feel away from a faith that one day seemed beautiful, and to assume that most Catholics today are completely out of the game.
2. Be as scrupulous as possible: in the face of the imposing reality of the Royal Presence and of Holy Communion, instead of doing a good examination of conscience and confessing, if you want to reach a state of madness like That of Nietzsche look at with magnifying glass each of your actions and considers all sins to be mortal. He lives in fear. I guarantee your faith will burn in those flames.
3. Forget mercy, focus on Justice: you must conclude that God is not merciful, that his mouth is watered before the idea of seeing him scream in hell. With this, you will not only kill your faith and your love for God, but you will easily reach the opposite world of the anti-Christians.
4. Focus on the spiritual life of the whole world except yours: dissect that of others, but do not work on your salvation with fear and trepidation.
5. Don't have smart conversations about religion: above all, discuss a lot. Every time someone challenges your faith in some way, it starts to smoke through your ears, ignore what your adversary is saying, and enjoy as much as possible.
6. Make the minimum of the minimums that are required become a lazy Catholic. Start by going to Mass only on Sundays, then try to skip some, and before you know it, you'll be present only at Christmas and Easter.
7. Ignore your faith: it is best to never have met it. Do not read the scriptures, or the Holy Fathers, do not read theology books or study history. Thus, when someone raises doubts or attacks faith, you will immediately yield.
8. Try not to commune often because that would be what could most help your Christian life. If you want to grow weak, try not to commune, because if you don't, every time you do, you'll feel clean and rejuvenated.
9. Take a challenge every time you see a challenge against faith: lie, hide, run away. This is critical: every time someone objects to your faith, they turn around and run. Or even better, apologize and be ashamed. This will make you feel false in your faith, disloyal, unworthy of communion, cowardly. If you want to lose faith, I strongly advise you to cower before it.
10. Above all: never pray! Not praying takes you away from the conversation with God. If you want to kill your faith, this is the way. Prayer is the water that keeps the tree alive: it rejects water, and you will see it dry out.

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