Spiritual Vaccines
There are certain spiritual vaccines that protect us from diseases of the soul.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A vaccine’s purpose is to strengthen the body against serious diseases. They also help with the production of antibodies and prepare us for future health hazards. 

Although the laws of biology do not apply in the spiritual world, there are also certain "spiritual vaccines" that protect us from the diseases of the soul.

One of these vaccines lies in baptism, where the person being baptized intimately joins Christ and The Church after declining Satan and sin.

If sin hurts our relationship with Christ, then we can use another vaccine: the sacrament of Confession, which allows us to regain health and reinforce our defenses.

What is clear is that we continually need to protect our souls from so many evil infections, and reinforce them, especially with the best food there is: the Eucharist.

As we continue on our way to Heaven, where God awaits us, we seek good spiritual vaccines that will enable us to have our lamps lit (cf. Mt 25:1-13).

Then we will not only live "defensively", but our light will shine and become contagious (cf. Mt 5:14-16), so that other men and women will perceive the beauty of good, they will be able to leave darkness, and they will begin the wonderful adventure of life.

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