Lukewarmness, Indifference, and Mediocrity.
With humility, everything is possible.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We need to open our minds and hearts as we face the difficulties that these three words can bring us.

Being lukewarm, indifferent, and mediocre, can be tempting at times. If we fall into them, we can repent and ask for forgiveness, or we can justify ourselves and leave the door open to evil.

If we have the tendency to stay in these states of lukewarmness, inner apathy, and indifference, we can give in into temptations and we could not fight for an honest and just life. When we no longer have the strength to resist temptation we are slowly moving towards new sins.

We need to take action in our behavior and we can do it through humility. We need to open ourselves to God's inspirations so that we can receive His love.

When evil has come a long way, the fight will be more difficult. But even in the midst of a suffocating mediocrity, God's grace can perform it’s miracles.

Today is a new day for me since God's tenderness offers me new opportunities. The patience and affection of those that surround me invite me to shake laziness, to break out of apathy.

I will set aside that indifference that binds me to immediate comforts, and I will come to Confession. In this way I will renew my love for our Father, ask my brethren for forgiveness, and dedicate the best of my time and strength to the service of others.

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