What am I still missing? Being a Christian in the XXI Century
Are you in a moment of crisis, of doubts and hesitations, of a certain inner earthquake? This book will help you reflect and make sense of your Christian life.

Are you in a moment of crisis, of doubts and hesitations, of a certain inner "earthquake"? Do you experience a void you can't fill? Do you feel like you lack solid support, clear and safe landmarks to orient yourself with in life? Do you notice as if you need to find more definitive answers and, at the same time, close to your problems, concerns, interests, and illusions, to build something lasting?

These pages want to help you get it. In them, you will find twenty basic themes for your life, related to concrete moments of Jesus' life. Each chapter is led by the corresponding text of the Gospel followed by personal reflections. These reflections have been enriched with words from Sacred Scripture, writers from the first centuries of Christianity, from Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and by other authors, interspersing some considerations of young people with concerns. And it also includes ideas taken from novels, movie scenes and stanzas chosen from poems and songs, as well as stories and stories, some of their own making.

In summary, the purpose of this book is to help you reflect on the Gospel and the life of Jesus Christ in a more modern way, more in keeping with the mental and spiritual needs of a young person who wants to know well the world in which he lives and influence. in him with a truly human spirit and, even more, Christian (do not oppose). A person who perhaps has many good ideas and concerns, but who does not know very well how to organize and use them, and who needs to give a sense and action unit to their life to "manage" it well.

This book won't let you down.

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