Our responsibility lies in not losing the battle
We are usually intended to convey the idea that the defense of abortion or that of so-called same-sex marriage are inevitable phenomena of our time


Usually, we are trying to convey the idea that the defense of abortion or the so-called homosexual marriage is an inevitable phenomenon of our time, and it would be absurd to continue opposing or pretending to keep open debates that allegedly history would have already closed definitively. This is an immense fallacy that demagogically claims a part of society, the defender of human values, renounce defending its ideas and ideals.

The news coming from all over the world shows how debates around life, marriage, and the family are universal in our time and some countries and places steps are taken towards very un-humanistic solutions but at the same time in other places, they take steps towards the conservation and reinforcement of the best humanist tradition. This same week, the European Parliament has again rejected the so-called Estrela report that sought to impose throughout Europe Europe's ideological approaches to the right to life and in a country with a long democratic tradition such as Australia; the Constitutional Court has rejected the suppression of marriage to equate it with unions of people of the same sex.

These debates on fundamental issues remain and will remain open today and, if someone refuses to keep their proposals and ideas and defend them in public over and over again, that will be the one who loses the debate. That is why it is very important to win or lose a concrete battle that the substantive debate is still alive as it will happen in our country on abortion.

The worst thing that can happen to us is that we get used to the worst and that we give up fighting it as if it were already inevitable. Human history, both personal and collective, is not written; We write it every day with our actions, with our words and our omissions. This is our responsibility.

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