Accumulated problems
How to face so many difficulties?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Sometimes problems and tensions accumulate like an intense summer storm. 

Several months without rain. Temperatures rising. It's starting to miss the water. Light cuts. The night invaded by mosquitoes. Trouble at work. Family discussions. 

It seems to be a coordinated assault of hardships and difficulties. We did not just solve a breakdown when there comes an alarming call from the bank...

In those moments’ life reflects its fragility. It breaks that drowsiness that surrounds us when everything goes as we wish. You must arm yourself with patience and fortitude. 
This kind of situation can lead to fatigue, despair, defeatism. How to face so many difficulties? Also, many of them do not depend on us: as much as we blow, we don't get a desired refreshing cloud.

But we can also get the strength out of weakness and deal with the matter. Besides, there are still some coins left at home, and friends are willing to give us a hand. 

The accumulated problems allow, therefore, to recognize how fragile our world is. Even if we have good health insurance, we have no guarantee of stability on Earth.

Then you must open your eyes and your heart to ask God for light and strength. Light to give a sense to the adverse facts. Forces to do that little (or much) well that is still in our hands. 

Sooner or later the problems will begin to fade. If they will not take us to that mysterious moment of definitive farewell...

Yes: The farewell of death leaves the problems behind. But above all, it puts us before a God who offers mercy to the humble, the generous, those who have forgotten themselves to help the neediest brothers...

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