Made for more
What's the point of life?

What do I paint in this world? Do I have a mission commissioned? What's after death? What does God want from me? Will I be happy with God's plan for my life?

These and many other questions are presented as a whirlwind in the hearts and minds of teenagers and young people. Perhaps they have already read it in a book or were heard by the mouths of others; but once they are presented in the heart itself, they become a key piece, a priority that must be resolved. These answers depend on the direction life takes to death.
Life is one and you only live once. That is why it is necessary to have goals, an ideal, by which to give life, fight, fall, rise, surrender. That's what makes a life full: spending it for something good.

God in creating each soul entrusts him with a mission, a mission that will at the same time make it full and happy. It is there that everyone, deep in their heart, must answer these questions until they find why and why they are in this world. Then leaving all laziness and fear, embark on fulfilling that mission and achieving that ideal that fills your life with meaning and that you want to reach.
It is sad to see so many souls who lose their lives in pleasures, vanities or small things, not necessarily bad, but superficial and transient, who do not give them happiness and will even leave them more empty and thirsty for fullness than at the beginning.
The man is made for more. Not to settle for a life and a mediocre surrender. Not to lose his soul in sin. Not to live an existence without goals or meaning. Not to pass through the world without leaving a trace of kindness and joy.
The man is made for more. To launch from his early years to great challenges and ideals, to fly high, to achieve his happiness with the help of God.

Man is made for more, to fight, to fall and to rise, to make others happy with a smile, to be free but responsible for his actions, to respect the lives of others. The man is made to make his mark.
This effort is not easy, moreover, there will be difficulties, but it is worth discovering that ideal and giving everything to achieve it, it is worth discovering all your abilities and all the stamina you have.
Life is one and you only live once, and with your freedom, you´ll leave or not a mark on history.

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