Divorced and false mercy
Remarried divorcees always have the doors of the confessional open, but they should not commune if there is a marriage bond with the only person who is their husband or wife before God.

I am sad, very sad because a friend is in mortal sin but does not want to admit it. This friend is divorced and maritally lives with another woman who is not his own before God, although he frequently communes and even boasts of doing so.

Yes, even if it may seem a lie, in a parish of Madrid he is administered by Holy Communion by appealing to mercy. The same mercy now, tirelessly, the German Cardinal Walter Kasper, who during these days participates in the extraordinary Consistory convened by Pope Francis to address the question of the family.

My friend had clear ideas about faith and the sacraments, but now he has changed his mind because a priest from that parish encourages him every time to receive our Lord Jesus Christ in mortal sin, committing sacrilege in the name of false mercy become a tailor's drawer to seriously offend God.

God is, in fact, infinitely merciful and forgives all offenses, but as long as they show true repentance and purpose of amendment.

I am right here with the recent words spoken by Cardinal Kasper in a seminar on interreligious dialogue and violence promoted by the Community of Sant Egidio: "For me," he says, "it is not conceivable that if one falls into a hole, there is no way out for him. This image is not compatible with mercy. There is a way out for those who repent and convert... There is a second chance if the person is open to it."

If the person is open to it"... This establishes a clear conditional relationship. That is, if the divorced or divorced, in this case, accept their situation and put the divine and human remedies to get out of it using the only way out that the Church recognizes: marriage annulment.

Divorced remarried has always opened the doors of the confessional, but they should not commune if there is a marriage bond with the only person who is their husband or wife before God. I also know, fortunately, several cases of people divorcees who lived in adultery but refrained from communing for all that time and are now happily married in God's eyes.

That’s why I'll never get tired of recommending marriage annulment to all those people who suffer and need that "second opportunity" demanded by Cardinal Casper. I encourage you to try. You don't have to be a millionaire, as falsely said, to promote an ecclesiastical process, because in many cases the lawyer is free.

No one should hide in false mercy to receive the Lord in mortal sin. That's never.

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