When You Ask to Vote an Abortion
Can we vote to eliminate life?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual | Source:

Advocates of abortion liberalization have achieved significant victories over the past 100 years. Since it was legalized in the early days of the Soviet Union, many countries have decided that abortion will become "normal". 

There are still states in which abortion is prohibited or severely restricted. That's why some pro-abortion groups push, on different paths, for such States to open their hands to eliminating children before birth.

Among the strategies that follow for this "cause", one is to promote a broad debate in the society that culminates in a referendum. It is said that it is an open issue, that other democratic countries already have abortion, that many women abort in a clandestine way, that we are facing a health problem...

Behind these arguments is a fundamental principle: to suppose that in any democratic state one can argue and vote, as if it were an option among others, the possibility of eliminating the life of innocent human beings.

Because, it is worthwhile to have it present, a discussion aimed at voting if it is allowed and is not allowed abortion seeks precisely that: that the verdict of the ballot boxes be submitted the right to the life of the most helpless human beings, the children before being born.

If it would cause surprise, even fear, for people or groups to ask for discussions and votes on some fundamental right of specific human beings according to their race or their health, why is the subject of abortion presented as susceptible to vote?

In fact, no fair state should put to the vote what it refers to fundamental rights. Do not vote if someone may or may not have a home, may or may not access healthy food, may or may not be defended against threats of theft. It would be absurd to allow public debate on such subjects.

Abortion is one of those issues. For the same reason, to hear that it is pressed or is sought to launch a referendum to see if the abortion can be legalized in one of the few countries that do not allow it is something simply absurd and unfair, because on the fundamental rights no democracy just You can decide to cancel.

The rights exist to be respected and always protected, also against majorities that in the past, and are not absent in the present, marginalize some with racist or classist criteria, or allow the children to be killed in the bosom of their mothers.

The so-called right to abortion is not and cannot be discussed either in parliaments or in popular votes. What is legitimate, in any political system that aspires to justice, is to promote the fundamental rights of all, especially the weakest and most vulnerable: the children before their birth.

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